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With WidgetWorker you get beautiful and unique widgets for your device that you can customize to your liking. Create your widget configurations inside the app and chose exactly the right configuration for your widgets. For each widget type you can create multiple configurations and swap them out inside the widget to show whatever you like, whenever you want.

Widget Builder:

A Photoshop like editor for creating totally custom widgets directly on your device. You can add

- RSS feeds
- Websites
- Photos
- Drawings
- Colors
- Gradients and
- Text

to your widget and position and size them as you like. There are a bunch of fonts to choose from and a great color picker to find the exact color you like.

Widget Presets:

- Website: Show any website you like inside a widget. Set the refresh interval just as you need it and the website will reload periodically so you can always stay up to date. For power users there is even the possibility to add HTTP headers to the request.
- Note: Write and show any text inside a widget. Customize the look of the note and text to match you style. Change colors and fonts to create the look you like.
- Map: Choose a place or set a location, adjust the zoom level, set a map type and you are off to a great looking map widget.
- Drawing: Use your pencil or finger to draw whatever you like and show off you skills in a widget.
- Photo: Choose one or more of your favorite photos to show in a widget. Optionally select an interval to automatically cycle through them.

Many more widget types are in the making and I can’t wait to show them to you. If you have an idea for a widget you would like to see them please write me from inside the Settings menu of the app.

When creating your widget configuration in the app you get a live preview of the widget in all the different sizes so making the configurations is easy and fast without the need to try out changes in the actual widget itself.

Of course all your widget configurations are synced across your devices so you can access them wherever you like.
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Bastian Kohlbauer
I am an independent iOS developer. Developing for iOS is not only my job but a hobby that I was lucky enough to make my livelihood.