Body Tracking
Health & Fitness
Track what you eat, but also how and when. Are you into intermittent fasting? Track that as well — with a customisable period, ranging from 14 to 20 hours — and get notified when your fast ends. See at a glance how much time has elapsed and at what hour it ends.

Color code your meals and food, then find patters in your history log. Have you been eating too much lately? Too often? Too much sugar? Not enough vegetables?

Syncs weight data with Apple Health, so you can also correlate your eating habits with your weight evolution. You can also track your stools, so you can correlate your eating habits with your bowel movements. You might find out what foods are causing you troubles.

Did that sweets-marathon a few weeks ago make you gain a few kilos? Did that month of fasting help you drop a few? What about all that pizza and pasta the other week, did it cause you tummy problems?

Lastly, there's also a statistics screen, where you can see your evolution for the past week, month and year, with totals and averages. An easy way to see at a glance if you're making improvements in your eating habits.
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Roland Leth
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