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If you are already a trader on crypto spot market but have difficulties to track your entry, exit price and realised PNLs for your cryptos or you are suffering on not being able to open & track several positions on same crypto coin then TradePRO is right for you.

No more creating several accounts on different platforms or being forced to risk your portfolio on futures market.

TradePro gives you the freedom to track your open positions for same crypto coin on different price channels in spot markets without the risks of trading in futures markets.

# Overall Unrealised PNL for your open positions

# Futures

- Long & Short ratio of coins in future market
- Enable & Disable view for “all coins” or “only open positions” over settings

# Rolling 24 Hour

- 24 hours price change
- Last - Open - High - Low - Weighted Price of coin
- Enable & Disable view for “all coins” or “only open positions” over settings

# Open Positions

- Shows your NET PNL in USDT (excluding fees)
- Shows your PNL, ROE%, last price, average entry price, size (USDT & Coin) and Fee of your open position
- Access Orders screen by clicking on your position to add new positions to same coin manually (you can also drag & drop like explained further below) or close your position from here
- If you have merged positions, you can see their separate PNL status from Orders Screen and can extract them by swiping left

# Open New Position

- Hit the plus button on home screen
- Select your coin
- Enter your entry price
- Enter your USDT size
- Hit ok
- Your open position will appear on your home screen

# Close Position

- Access the orders screen by clicking to your open position and hit the close button on the top
- Enter your exit price and see live PNL calculation
- Hit ok to close the position
- Have in mind that you need to have at least one position open, in order to delete that one position you need to close the position first and can delete it later through analytics view
- Any closed position can be reopened by swiping left on Analytics screen

# Merge & Subtract Positions

- Simply drag and drop open positions for same coin to see your overall PNL status
- If you have merged positions, you can see their separate PNL status by clicking on the position and accessing Orders screen
- Merged positions can be separated and subtracted any time by swiping left on Orders screen

# Analytics

- Can be accessed by clicking on 2 lines on the top left of home screen
- Shows you the PNL’s of your closed positions.
- Swipe right to delete, important: deleted positions can’t be recovered
- Swipe left to reopen position, reopened positions will appear on your home screen

# Settings

- Can be accessed trough top of the Analytics screen

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