LINK Social Beta
Social Networking, Entertainment, and Lifestyle
Meet new people with your friends and find events nearby.

With some friends and don't know what you want to do? Hop on LINK and experience a whole new way to be social. We help you do new and exciting things in real-life together so that you can become your best, social self. No more having to make group accounts on dating apps trying to make new friends with people who just want to hook up. Meet people your age in your area with your friends and be actually social instead of just collecting likes or follows on current platforms. Why is the only way to meet someone new nowadays by yourself?

Tired of collecting friends or followers on other apps that don’t enable you to do anything together? Make groups, chat with new people, and find events all together in app by adding friends to your Chain. Do more together and be Actually Social.

Create as many groups as you want with the friends in your chain, have fun crafting the perfect group profile, and set your group preferences to filter your results on the discovery page. Add moves to your groups to indicate what you like and find other people with similar interests!

Nobody likes going to events alone so you should have to discover events alone either. Find events nearby on our events page and send them to your friends and groups to make plans. Get LINK discounts on nightlife, food, drink, etc. through our exclusive partnerships!

Unlike other apps, we ACTUALLY take accountability and safety on our platform seriously. Beyond the safety inherent to groups, know who you are meeting is real with our optional ID verification for LINK users. Blue checks appear next to groups and users who are ID verified.
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