String: News Without the Noise
News, Magazines & Newspapers, and Social Networking
String is a single destination for getting and sharing news with your friends. It’s a completely centralized platform for the news experience. Get multiple perspectives from thousands of diverse news sources, instantly share news you read with friends, comment on what’s happening, and see what news others find important.

String isn’t just about what we do but what we don’t do.

String is an interactive news experience that accelerates the news we get in a way that isn’t crowded with memes, isn’t noisy with user-generated content, and isn’t chaotic. We’ve reduced misinformation and disinformation by removing user-generated content and limiting content sharing to real sources only.

We want to encourage people to read real news from real sources and to bring people closer together through media.

• Ultra streamlined news experience

• Global and local news from 11,000+ Sources

• Get news from multiple viewpoints with “Timeline”

• Easily follow and discover new sources

• Like, comment, save, and share articles with your network.

• Wide range of content: US and World Affairs, Finance, Fashion, Sports, Tech, Science, Wellness, Culture, Entertainment, and much more.

• Timeline and Following feeds provide both a personalized experience as well as a non-personalized, diverse stream of content.

• See what sources your peers get their news from and what stories they’re keeping up with.
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