Sports and Health & Fitness
Ready to reach your racing goals?
cycleRun will help you start your training to run your first 5k.
You can also create your own workouts or set a basic workout with one click.
Set your favorite workout goal, improve your health, and get in great shape.

- Workout Plan: Follow the training program to reach your first 5k in 9 weeks.
- Custom Workouts: Create your own workouts and customize them the way you want.
- Voice Coach: Voice instructions and sound reminders for running and walking. Completely configurable so you can choose the most important information for your training.
- Fixed Goals: Easily start an exercise with distance or duration goals.
- Free Session: Start a free workout with just 1 click.
- Alerts and feedback to guide you through your workout.
- Listen to your own favorite songs and playlists while training and the coach will blend in.
- All runs are tracked with GPS and stored for future reference.
- Map your run at the end of your workout!

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