Laundry Lens
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Laun­dry Lens is the per­fect com­pan­ion for do­ing the laun­dry. Just point your cam­era at a care la­bel and you will be pre­sent­ed to the prop­er in­struc­tions on how to take care of your clothes and gar­ments. By swip­ing up, you can also look up the laun­dry sym­bols man­u­al­ly and dis­cov­er many oth­ers. Laun­dry Lens in­cludes a full list of sym­bols, from wash­ing to iron­ing, and even pro­fes­sion­al ones, so you know ex­act­ly what type of care your laun­dry re­quires.
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Alan Pégoli
I had the idea for Laundry Lens when I was doing my laundry a few weeks ago. I built the app all by myself, from the CoreML model to the app icon design. I’m absolutely thrilled by the impact of this app in peoples lives, specially among blind and visually impaired. I believe technology is most powerful when it empowers everyone.