Codehub is a mobile code learning platform that empowers millions of programming enthusiasts, students, and professional developers to lead inspiring careers in technology. Codehub’s innovative, scalable approach to online coding education allows anyone to master the skills needed to succeed in our tech-enabled workforce. Codehub is currently offering hundreds of coding challenges on Python and will offer hundreds of challenges across ten programming languages by the end of the year.

The Codehub app allows users to practice various programming languages and concepts through short, interactive coding challenges and quizzes. Challenges are written with the beginner in mind, so anyone with little or no coding experience can join and practice their skills through the bit-sized coding exercises.

“I’m a beginner, never done anything like this, and I’ve used apps trying to learn but draw a complete blank when thinking of implementing any of it. Codehub is a game changer” - beta user.

Codehub mobile code learning platform offers the following to its users.

• Bit-sized coding challenges
• The best coding experience on mobile
• Community support and much more
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