Zero Day
Lifestyle and Shopping
Zero Day's goal is to make product repair, resell, and recycle so easy that consumers will choose that over throwing perfectly usable products into the trash. The app is designed for you to trigger a product repair, resell, or recycle flow with a click of a button. It will also incentivize your sustainable activities with points you can redeem to pay for future purchases.
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Maneesa Wijesinghe-Nelken
Hi, I am Maneesa. I spent quite a big chunk of my life being depressed about problems such as the waste crisis. Mainly because it felt like there was so little you could do to fix it. Then two years ago, I came across the Circular Economy, which seemed like the perfect solution...on paper. I spent the last two years researching how to make the circular economy perfect in everyday applications, and the Zero Day app is the fruit of that labour.