AutoMate - Car maintenance
Utilities and Lifestyle
First off, thank you for installing AutoMate. AutoMate is here to help you keep track of your vehicle information and service history. This is an early build of AutoMate and therefore does not have all of its features.

#Build 8 release notes
- `bug fix` Fixes the issue of either the app crashing or the view not dismissing when you delete a car.
- `enhancements` Changed the way the car detail view appears. It now comes in from the right on the navigation stack.

#Placeholder data to be aware of
- The car image(Audi RS6) is a placeholder image.

#Missing pieces and known bugs
- The export button in Settings is not functional.

For submitting bugs or to see the current list of bugs please checkout the public bug tracker:

Change log for all changes can be found here:
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