UniChar — Unicode Keyboard
Utilities and Productivity
UniChar is a powerful yet beautiful Unicode symbol app and keyboard that allows you to quickly find, type, and work with special characters.

UniChar features thousands of symbols organized neatly into categories as well as a complete Unicode table.* You can type these symbols in any app with the custom keyboard or quickly search for the symbol you’re looking for in the app – by name or by drawing! No more searching Google. You can also favorite symbols to access them even quicker in the keyboard, widget, and on your Apple Watch.

For developers, UniChar is an efficient tool to work with Unicode code points and HTML entities. Revamp your workflow with Universal Clipboard – copy on your iPhone, paste on your Mac. Or use UniChar alongside other apps with Split View on iPad.

◉ Search for symbols by name or by drawing**
◉ Browse the entire Unicode table by character blocks
◉ Collect and organize your favorite symbols
◉ Efficiently work with symbols and their info including code points and HTML entities
◉ Insert symbols into the text field and compose text using the system keyboard
◉ Share your text via Messages, Twitter, AirDrop, etc – or open the text in other apps

◎ Type special symbols in any app
◎ Quickly input your recently used and favorite symbols
◎ Designed to compliment the Emoji keyboard

Drawings Widget
◆ View stats for how many drawings you've submitted
◆ Tap to open the app and help improve Search by Drawing

Legacy Widget
◆ Convenient access to your recently used and favorite symbols
◆ Copy to the clipboard with a single tap
◆ Drag and drop character info into other apps on iPad

Apple Watch App
◇ Quickly glance at your favorites and recents
◇ Copy character info to your iPhone’s clipboard
◇ Add your favorite symbol to your watch face

iMessage App
■ Send symbol stickers to your friends
■ Create stickers for any Unicode character
■ Utilize your stickers in the Messages camera and FaceTime

And More
□ Beautiful and simple design
□ Stunning dark mode
□ Handoff support
□ Spotlight Search integration
□ Keyboard shortcuts
□ Drag and Drop, Split View, and Multiple Windows support on iPad
□ Accessibility support including Dynamic Type, VoiceOver, and Voice Control
□ Universal app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
□ Ad-free experience

* All Categories can be unlocked via a one-time in-app purchase.

** Search by Drawing is powered by machine learning algorithms utilizing Turi Create, Core ML, and Vision. As you draw, a convolutional neural network processes your drawing to predict which symbols it matches. You can help improve symbol recognition by submitting your own drawings!
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Jordan Hipwell