Ultimate Scorebook
Utilities and Games
This is the ultimate score keeping app with a growing selection of custom scorecards for your favorite games, like darts, mini golf, or Farkle!
Be part of the early testing so you can help shape the app and request games to be added.

- Games covered currently:
- 01 Darts
- Cricket Darts
- Mini Golf
- Farkle
- Rummy 500
- Basic template (for any game where you just want to record scores in a
non-turn based fashion)
- Saves active and done games so you can come back and continue later or just remind your friend of how badly they lost
- Elegant light and dark mode
- works on iPad (better optimization of screen usage coming soon)
- Cards are carefully and individually designed to look good and be practical for each specific game, while maintaining a nice theme throughout the app
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Sam Bannan