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Ufin is a new locator for your business and everyday life, it helps you to track people and all kind of assets: vehicles, bikes, luggage and other.
Ufin will notify you with any event you set for the tracking object such as: teenager is out of school at 12:00, car motion start in night time from parking, driving speed limit violation and other.

Ufin uses smartphone location services and a set of GPS tracker for getting:
* location,
* additional data: speed, battery level, etc.
* manage devices attached to the tracker, e.g. block engine start, switch the light and other actions provided by the tracker the you use.

Install Ufin, invite people you need to exchange your location with by request or continuously.
Start continuous tracking when you need to share, store and measure your motion route. Be aware, that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life, so use this mode only when necessary.
Send alarm when you need help from your friends.
Set invisible mode when you want nobody disturb you.

Ufin will make your life more smart and less stress!

Personal and asset tracking
Ufin supports all personal/asset tracking devices from Anywhere, Meitrack, GlobalSat, Coban, Xexun, Smarts, Baby Bear Mobile GPS tracker with SOS-button and Avtofon GPS tracker with SOS-button.

Vehicle tracking
Ufin supports all vehicle tracking devices from Anywhere, Meitrack, GlobalSat, Coban, Xexun, Smarts.

If you didn't find your tracker model above please contact us to add it to Ufin!

Register please only with Russian mobile phone numbers!
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