Four Squares
A modern taken on a classic game, Four Squares challenges your memory.

The game board can be customised with different visual themes, the difficulty can be changed, and the game comes with 3 modes.

Endless Mode

Play an endless sequence, just like the classic game

Time Attack Mode

You have 30 seconds to reach the longest sequence you can. Make a wrong move and lose 3 seconds. Get a sequence right to win back 1 second.

Speedrun Mode

Reach a sequence of 10 as fast as possible, with only 3 lives.

Other features:

• Game Center leaderboards
• High score tracking
• Replay sequences
• Dark and Light UI support

Features coming soon:

• New soundpacks
• Real-time multiplayer
• Send challenges to friends
• View previously played games
... more
Joseph Duffy
Independent app developer from the UK.