Schmusi's Home- Your Vivid Diary
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--iPad only--

Schmusi’s Home is is a safe place to write your stories down. A diary, so to speak. A vivid diary, which you have yet to build and decorate- Just like a home.

Meet Schmusi, a cute little bear, who builds this home together with you.
Each day when you open up your diary schmusi awaits you with some fun interactions.
Your home evolves over time, you will build it up and unlock features on the way. Schmusi supports you by asking guiding questions or by just fooling around with you. He also interacts with you and changes behaviour based on how you interact with him.

It is recommended to have an Apple Pencil to use this app, although you can also use text fields to catch your thoughts.

This is the first beta, I am more than happy for everyone who gives me feedback <3
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Ali Ebrahimi Pourasad
25 year old C.S. master student from Hamburg <3