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Posterino is all about flexibility. A template is a starting point and not a rigid grid of images. Wether you like to present 1 or 1000 images. Wether you go postcard or poster size. Layouts are applied automatically, making a simple Drag & Drop gesture all you need to create a collage of your images. Or go pro and apply fine grained control over layout, style and appearance.

These characteristics are described by its users as the “magic” of Posterino.

The new Square-Grid layout is build in the same spirit. It bridges the gap between a completely automatic and a manual layout method. Thereby providing the lightning fast first sketch of a collage and the flexibility of tweaking every tiny aspect of the layout. And it does this in a fun and enjoyable way.


Design collages in minutes. The innovative interface enables a large degree of customization through a variety of templates featuring grid, tile, square-grid, circular and random layouts. Adjust frames, filters and backgrounds to your liking. The result is a beautiful collage ready to be printed and displayed.

* Create posters, calendars, postcards, photo frames or contact sheets
* Enjoy a variety of gorgeous templates, frames, backgrounds, and caption styles
* Get creative with easy custom calendars
* Sleek user interface with large workspace
* Edit your document in full-screen mode


Posterino’s awesome workflow facilitates customization through simple clicks.

* Layout automatically adjusts to number of images placed and any image changes
* The look and alignment of images can be switched automatically
* Easily change the number of images in any document
* Easily change the size of any document or predefined template
* Add text boxes to your document
* Add descriptive stylish captions to your images


Fine-grained control boosts Posterino’s customization capabilities.

* Crop any image to your liking
* Alter the frame or shadow of any image or choose from predefined options
* Rotate or position any image or text box as desired
* Tailor each image with built-in filters for black & white, sepia, sharpening etc.
* Add metadata like name, date, and comment to any image
* Gain fine-grained control of your document using an inspector


Posterino’s templates and filters allow for significant customization.

* Easily customize layouts through grid, tiled, circular, and random options
* Adjust any of the given templates to fit your needs
* Customize the postmark used for stamping your e-cards


You’ll find Posterino’s user-friendly interface and range of features lets you present your audience with what they demand most: the beautiful memories you’ve captured.

* Posterino works seamlessly with the latest version of Photos
* Export your poster to disk
* Directly export to Photos
* Easily set your document as your desktop background from within Posterino


Posterino integrates with popular social media sites for easy sharing via the macOS sharing services.

* Share you images right from within Posterino
* Send your postcards through e-mail
* Sharing can be extended via macOS built-in sharing services


* Variable number of images per document: From 1 to 1000
* Create your own templates
* Create custom paper sizes


* Built for macOS 12 Monterey
* Dark & Light Mode support
* Made for Retina display
* Support for macOS sharing extensions
* Available in many languages
* Apple Silicon support
+ 64 bit support
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Christoph Priebe
Hi! I'm Christoph. I love to be creative in any way I can. I make apps with attitude for macOS since 2005.