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Conscriptor is a Markdown editor designed to make editing Markdown documents easier, more approachable, and faster.

### Native Markdown Editor
Conscriptor is designed to reduce the friction that comes with writing Markdown documents, making it easier for newer users and power users to write great Markdown. Conscriptor is built using the latest native tools, resulting in performance leagues above online tools. Lighter in memory and battery usage, Conscriptor is a great alternative to editing Markdown in a web browser.

### Live Preview
Preview how your document looks instantly with a live-updating preview. Instantly see your changes in a side-by-side view.

### Syntax Highlighting
Syntax highlighting makes it easier to visualize what your document looks like right in the editor.

### Customizable Toolbar
Quick access to commonly used styles are available in a customizable toolbar, reducing the need to remember characters or patterns. Focus completely on your writing by letting the app do the heavy lifting.

### Keyboard Shortcuts
Shortcuts for commonly used styles let power users speed-up their workflow and get things done quicker.

### Custom HTML Elements
Support for custom HTML elements is included, with support for tags like frame, dialog, and script among others. (See CommonMark specification for details.)

### Templates
Get started quickly using built-in templates, pre-populating your document with handy outlines and guides to get you writing fast. And soon, create and save your own custom templates, letting you tailor Conscriptor to your needs.
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David Barsamian
Student developer. Author of Conscriptor.