✶ glyfs — unicode characters & text tools
Utilities, Productivity, Developer Tools, and Graphics & Design
glyfs is an iOS / iPadOS / macOS app focused around the concept of micro typography, which is all about improving the readability and appearance of typed text. It is a great tool for designers, editors, developers, and pratically anyone else who ever works with text.

With glyfs, you can copy & paste or drag & drop characters, explore glyph categories in the browse tab, search for symbols and add them to favorites for quick access.

● Quickly access Unicode characters
→ copy & paste handpicked glyfs
→ drag & drop symbols to other apps
→ explore curated collections
→ search extensive character library

● Save time with Text Tools
① convert text between different letter cases
② unicode fonts (or so-called "Instagram fonts") for styling captions
③ word & character counter
④ text formatterspaces, and more
⑤ find & replace

● Add glyfs to Favorites
↔ Favorites automatically sync across all your devices

● & more great features
⒜ great in both light and dark themes
⒝ "copy multiple" feature to copy several glyfs at once
⒞ 100% free from ads
⒟ works offline (favorites synchronize once connection is available)
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Andrey Baev
Coming to app development from product design. Based in Montreal.