Float with Friends
Social Networking
Float brings the fun back to social!

Your friend feed
One feed to connect with your besties. As you scroll through your feed, all the photos and videos start to disappear, bringing you into the moment. No ads, no influencers, no distractions, just your friends.

DM with friends
Float is more than just photo or video sharing. It's a conversation starter. Reply to a Float in your feed and continue to chat in DMs.

View the details
On Float, you don't just get to see views. You get to see how long your friends looked at your Floats. We know it's a little sneaky, but hey, it's fun.

A badge for Floats
We don't want to bother you with notification overload like some other social apps. Whenever a friend shares a Float, you see the badge on your home screen change.

You're caught up
In a world where every app wants to keep you engaged, Float is a more healthy social app. Once you catch up with your friends, our feed ends, only showing you content you care about.
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