Health & Fitness
Feeels makes journaling easy and extensible by using Notion.

What makes Feeels special
** Eeasy to use **
Feeels focus on your journal. We design the app for usability. We use the native design of your device to make it as easy as every other app on your phone!

** Extensible **
We store your data in your Notion account. Therefor you can use the power of Notion to add almost everything to your journal entry: images, videos, websites, ...

** You are in control of your data **
You can export your data at any time through Notion. You could decide every day to abandon Feeels and just use Notion.

Why you need a mental health tracker?
We all experience a range of emotions every day. Someday it's positive, someday it's negative – That's completely normal, of course. It is essential to understand what influences your mood and what balances your life. Feeels helps you to understand exactly that by tracking your daily influences.

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Jurek Barth
I'm a passionate software engineer in Munich. I love biking and tech in general.