Ampoule 2
Medical and Utilities
Ampoule 2 helps you manage an inventory of medical drugs and devices.

Too can try it out with sample data, or import data from the original Ampoule app if you have it installed. Data can currently be exported to JSON.

Items can be sorted, searched and arranged into boxes. There is a summary tab showing items that have issues, such as having expired or being out of stock.

Ampoule 2 indexes your data in Spotlight and will provide notifications when items expire. The widgets provide an overview of your data; either all of it or individual boxes.

Thanks for helping test the app. I hope you find Ampoule 2 useful. Please share any feedback or ideas on how the app could be improved.


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Chris Wilson
I am an NHS doctor in Northern Ireland. I love the outdoors and I have interests in expedition medicine, data science and clinical informatics. In 2017 I released the original Ampoule app for iOS, to help me manage the inventory of drugs in my bag. Now I’m working on the sequel Ampoule 2, and I’m excited to have it in public beta on TestFlight and via Airport.