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School Assistant by Sun Apps is a simple but powerful school planner app. It allows you to quickly and easily keep track of homework, tests, and your schedule, scan documents, see and save Google Classroom assignments, quickly access saved websites, and more.

First, as a student myself, I fully believe it is wrong to charge students money for trying to succeed in school. So, School Assistant is completely free, and will forever be free. No premium subscriptions, no paywalls, and no ads. Ever. If you like the app, it would be amazing if you considered donating through the Tip Jar in Settings (this is why the App Store shows that there are In-App Purchases).

School Assistant was built by a student with students in mind. With School Assistant, you can add an assignment or test in about 15 seconds, which is critical with the tight schedules students have to follow. It was also designed to reflect iOS and how it looks and works, meaning you already know how to use it. You can also select your theme color and app icon, making it more personal and fun. School Assistant also has tight integration with iOS system features, such as keyboard shortcuts, Slide Over/Split View support, widgets, system sidebars, and iPad cursor integration.

Use Schoolwork to manage your upcoming assignments and tests. When creating a new schoolwork, you can choose if it’s an assignment or test for easier management. For each schoolwork, you can add a class, due date, submission location and link, and notes. You can also schedule reminders for each schoolwork.

Managing your schedule has never been easier. Once you’ve put in your schedule for each day (made easier with day duplication), you can choose which day corresponds to each day of the week, and the app will switch what it shows automatically. And, you can have unlimited weeks, and the app will automatically switch if you use only two weeks. This is great for people with A/B schedules. And, using the current/next class views in the Dashboard and Home Screen Widgets, you can quickly see where you are, how much longer you have, and what’s coming next.

Google Classroom:
School Assistant has Google Classroom built right in. Once you’ve signed in, you can view all of your assignments for each class. And, you can even quickly add them directly to Schoolwork, carrying over the existing description, due date, and link.

Apple Watch App:
Because you may not always have access to your phone, I have made an app specifically for your Apple Watch. You can quickly view you Schoolwork (sorted into assignments and tests automatically), your schedule for any day, your current class, and your next class. And because personalization is important on something you wear on your wrist, you can even set a theme color independent of the iPhone app.

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Dylan McDonald
Hi! My name is Dylan McDonald (operating under Sun Apps, LLC). I am a high schooler who loves making apps when I can.