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The big 3.0 release, built exclusively for iOS/iPadOS 15, Monterey, and watchOS 8, includes the following changes and integrates many of the new APIs announced at WWDC:

Safari Web Extension:
* Synchronized with the user’s app data to show them the best of their credit cards to use at checkout across thousands of different sites based on rewards categories and Amex/Chase offers
* Bulk-activate Amex Offers on the American Express website
* Works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Apple Watch:
* Region-based user notifications (to notify the user which card to use at their regular supermarket, gas station, etc, without having to open the app),
* Updated layout integrating search and swipe gestures
* New title bar design
* Updated complications

* Region-based user notifications like the ones in the new Watch app + integrated map view to manage saved locations and add new ones in a flash
* Hierarchical SF Symbols
* Support for Quick Note
* Pull-to-refresh
* Swipe gestures
* Improved search
* Icons added to notification actions
* Integrate new blur materials throughout
* More inline menus
* Improved Handoff support across all devices
* New extra large widget on iPad
* Improved keyboard support

Mac via Catalyst:
* Updated widgets
* Updated shortcuts from iOS now included for Monterey
* Improved keyboard support

All apps:
* Added support and set up cards & banks for Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, and India, with full support for every other country already built in to the app via the ability to add custom cards and banks
* Localized in French, German, and Spanish to expand the app internationally, with more languages planned in the future
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Emmanuel Crouvisier
Indie developer making CardPointers, ex racing driver, still playing with cars when someone gives me their keys. Happy to help anyone in the Airport community better understand credit cards and how to take advantage of all of the perks the banks offer but few people use. Really easy to travel for free and get lots of cash back every day! Just shoot me a message on Twitter or use the Send Feedback button from within the app once you've added in the names of the cards you currently have for some personalized recommendations.