Stella: Time Tracker
Utilities, Business, and Productivity
Stella is a simple, easy to use time tracker.

To get started just open the app and select a task! The app will track how long you have been doing a particular task until you hit the stop button.

You can select a day from the calendar on the home screen and you'll be able to see the amount of time spent(hours, minutes etc.) for each task on a particular day. You can even see a breakdown of each session(start and stop time), including a memo for each session.

The main features of Stella include:
- Time tracking for tasks
- Adding and removing tasks
- Color coding for tasks
- Adding memos to sessions
- Home Screen widgets
- Calculation of total hours for a particular day(over all tasks)
- Chart display for a breakdown of each day - by task(on iOS 16 and above)
- Dark mode support
- Viewing session history
- Manual time input
- Stats data
- iCloud Sync
... more