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Now with Tsuki, you can read all of your favorite manga in one place. Add, delete, put on hold, or re-read your mangas from your always synced library.

With a beautiful iPad app and dark/light mode, enjoy manga on your Apple devices like you never had before. Get daily recommendations from a curated list of mangas, and discover new comics to read.

Download mangas and take them on the go, without the need of a network connection. Sync all your favorite mangas with your MangaDex account, in a seamless, never seen before experience.

Get your latest chapter updates, right on your home screen, with a simple, yet beautiful widget. Keeping up with your favorite manga has never been easier!

Want to search for new manga, or a recommendation from your friend? With an advanced search function, this will be like a walk in the park. Simply search by name, or curate by including tags or removing them.

This is Tsuki. Your next manga reader.
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Tudor Ifrim
Always have been bad at this kind of things, honestly. I don't have anything special to say, I am just a guy with a passion for all things tech, programming and cars I would say. Your everyday joe 😅. I hope my apps meet your standards and you'll enjoy them, as that is my purpose and it would mean the world to me. See 'ya!