Entertainment and Productivity
Keep track of the movies, shows, games, books and audiobooks you want to check out – all in one place. Whether it’s the TV show your friend raved about, a new book from your favourite author or an upcoming video game, Sequel is your go-to media wishlist.

What you’ll get:
• A premium experience
• The ability to track movies, shows, games, books and audiobooks
• Release reminders, so you never miss what you’ve been waiting for
• A highlight of the latest releases from your wishlist
• Individual tracking of what you’ve watched, read and played
• Detailed progress for the TV shows you’re watching
• Collections to curate your own media library
• A quick and easy search experience across all media types
• iCloud syncing between your iPhone and iPad
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Romain Lefebvre
London-based French developer turned designer. Hopefully my app will make your life a bit easier.