NS MIDI Player
NS MIDI Player is a simple MIDI player for iOS and macOS.

Features include:

- Free!
- No ads, in-app purchases, or data collection

- Play standard MIDI files (SMF) with file extension .mid
- GM and GS standards supported with the default SoundFont
- Load custom SoundFonts with file extension .sf2 or .dls

- "Open with" from other apps, such as Safari
- Integrated with the Files app (iOS)
- Supports drag-and-drop
- Supports Quick Look previews (macOS)

- Supports background audio and AirPlay
- Lock screen and Notification Center controls with scrubbing
- Gapless repeat mode
- Playback speed control
- Configurable reverb

Included FluidR3Mono GM SoundFont is licensed under the MIT License.
Included Sample MIDI file is "Hard Times" from and is in the public domain.
This app and its creator are not affiliated with the creators of these files in any way.
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Nitin Seshadri