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When solving a crossword, especially if it is cryptic, you will find that anagrams are a very popular clue type but they can be tricky to solve because our brains are too good at discerning patterns.

We can recognize words using only the first and last letters if they have the correct number of letters inside. This means that asking our brains to scramble these letters into a completely different word is very difficult.

In the days of doing crosswords in the newspaper, the best method was to find a space in the margin and write the letters out in a circle which forces the brain to reconsider the options, but when doing a crossword online or through an app, this is no longer possible.

This app gives you back this ability, allowing you to see the letters in a circle, shuffle them around and even discard any extras. You can place known letters in the squares and lock them in place, then shuffle in the unknown until you can see the answer.
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Sarah Reichelt
I've been programming for far longer than you can imagine. I love writing in Swift and now using SwiftUI. I am a keen evangelist for Mac apps as well as iOS. And I love doing crosswords.