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“Learn Chemistry” is an app to easily study for chemistry, wherever you are. Do you want to practise for your next test on the elements of the periodic table, during the break in school? Or do you want to practice completing some chemical reactions in the train ride on the way home? Now you can with “Learn Chemistry”!

With “Learn Chemistry” you can learn the elements by heart easily by taking the quizzes. You can either practice with multiple choice questions or with open questions. If you know the names of the elements, and you want to practice the symbols or visa versa? You can do all that!

You also have the ability to practice solving chemical reactions. You will get a reaction on the screen, and your task is to enter the correct numbers.

In the latest beta you also have the ability to learn the chemical separation methods. At this moment, this feature is only available in Dutch, but accessible to all. In a future beta release English will be added to this feature.

We are constantly updating the app, so you can focus on your tests!

Download the app now, and see your Chemistry grades take off!

Still have some questions? Mail us at Or use the feedback form in the app, or the chat on the website.
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Benji Mandel
Hey, I am a 17 year old high school student. For the final project of my year(and school) I have created a Chemistry learning app, which I building with guidance of my chemistry teacher. Hope you’ll like it! I am also building a developer tool which allows you to keep track of all bugs and features that are requested or reported by your users.