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Life moves pretty fast.

Celebrate your today. Discover and take control of your tomorrow. Journal with Clearful to gain clarity and live your best life.

Clearful is a digital journal that allows you to explore your thoughts, emotions, and experiences in a safe and private space. Journaling helps you have more clarity about your life and thoughts, to feel more accepting of where you are now, and to discover and take control of where you want to go.

Powerful features to supercharge your journaling:
- Focus on what matters with a clean and beautiful writing canvas.
- Have the freedom to be your true self and write honestly in your private and secure journal.
- Rediscover past entries with Look Back to reflect on how far you've come and relive memories.
- Get surprised and reflect on something new every day with a Discover Daily question.
- Staring at a blank page? Explore Smart Prompts and get inspired to write.
- Add a little structure to your writing with Handcrafted Templates.
- Build a journaling and reflection habit into your life with custom reminders.
- Want to quickly jot down some thoughts? Free your mind with Quick Capture.
- Get in touch with us at any time for our quick and friendly customer support.

Get inspired to write with curated prompts and templates for life and work. Topics include:
- Work & Career
- Creativity
- Emotions
- Goals & Planning
- Gratitude & Happiness
- Health & Wellness
- Memories & Milestones
- Personal Development
- Reflection & Review
- Relationships
- Sleep & Wake Up
- Stress & Anxiety
- Daily
- Travel

Our mission is to enable people to have more clarity about their lives and thoughts, to feel more accepting of where they are now, and to discover and take control of where they want to go.

Thanks for using Clearful!

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Jeffrey Bunn
Hi there! My latest project is Clearful (launching very soon), a digital journal that helps you get the most out of life. I built Clearful with my co-founder Maria. This is our second app together - we also co-founded Mealime (a top meal planning app) in 2013. Mealime was acquired in 2018. Journaling was extremely helpful with the stress of building a company. Clearful is our take on journaling - we wanted something to help us build the journaling habit for life, to guide and nudge us to be better. We wanted a journal that would help us recall memories and feel good in our day-to-day, but also help us direct our lives and live with intent. It's so easy to let time pass, and always so jarring to notice when it is gone. Since early 2019 I’ve been learning to code and Maria and I have (so far) built Clearful entirely ourselves. This is my first app as a developer. Please don't hesitate to send bugs my way! Thanks for giving Clearful a try.