Navigation and Travel
Your driving and public transport companion.

ETA first arrived on the Apple Watch back in June 2015, just two months after the Apple Watch itself hit the market. ETA was a revolution, providing users travel time to their favourite places right on their wrist. Over the last six years, alongside the continued growth of the app, ETA has been heralded by the press, the App Store and users around the globe as one of the must have apps for Apple Watch.

Soon we'll be launching an all new ETA for Apple Watch. It's the most comprehensive update we've ever shipped, providing users a fully featured and uncompromised app experience on Apple's most personal device. Best of all it's a free update for all existing ETA users.

ETA 3 for Apple Watch has been rebuilt from the ground up with a focus to be entirely independent from the iPhone. Users can install right from the App Store on the Apple Watch and in a few taps have locations setup and complications configured. No iPhone needed!

ETA is renowned for its simplicity, and nothing has changed with this new app. But under the hood users have access to exceptionally powerful features allowing them to truly customise and personalise their experience.

- ETA 3 for Apple Watch helps users quickly view travel time and traffic conditions to all their favourite locations
- It’s completely independent. Users can install, setup and use daily without the need of their iPhone.
- Users can organise locations into lists, all of which are saved conveniently in iCloud
- Users can connect their calendar and have travel time to appointments and meetings automatically populate in both the app and the complication
- Speaking of complications, users can completely customise what’s displayed on their watch face. Users can also add multiple complications that monitor different locations
- ETA 3 supports driving, transit, walking and cycling travel.
- ETA integrates with HealthKit and users that travel on foot or by bike can commence a workout from within the app. (coming in next beta)
- ETA workouts provide a unique in-progress screen with route progress and arrival time. (coming in next beta)
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Anthony Harrison
Part of a two person team (the other half being Justin Almering) building ETA since 2015!