Focused Work: Focus Timer
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"A simple, but valuable utility for creating timed focus sessions of productivity." - MacStories
"A tool that helps overcome that first step." - Knapsack
"Focused Work helps you stay on track better than ever" - iMore

Focused Work is a simple, flexible Focus Timer that helps you structure your time effectively.

Structure keeps you fresh and productive, so you can get more work done!

A key strength of Focused Work is creating timed focus sessions that break up tasks into smaller parts.

You can create sessions for tasks like studying, coding, and content writing, and structure them as follows;
· begin with a 5-minute Planning stage
· focus with a 50-minute Focused Work stage
· rest with a 10-minute Break stage
· focus with a 30-minute Focused Work stage

Focused Work encourages you to remain focused, be self-accountable, and complete productivity goals each day.

**Core Features**

· Focus Sessions
Create structure for tasks with Focused Work, Planning, and Break stages.

· Self-accountability
Each session begins by asking what will you focus on.

· Customise each focus session
Adjust the duration, order, and focus of each stage.

· Simple Design
A minimal, always-on countdown timer, with session focus and progression.

· Focus Reminders
Be reminded to avoid distractions and stay focused mid-session.

· Time Commitment
Glanceable finish times for knowing whether you have time to focus on a task.

· Productivity Dashboard
Complete daily productivity goals and create a focused work streak.

· Session Reflection
Rate and reflect upon your level of productivity at the end of each completed session.

· Widgets
View the countdown timer, quickly start a session, and see your goal progress with themeable widgets.

· Siri Shortcuts
Start focus sessions with Siri and trigger shortcuts that adjust your environment for focusing, such as Do Not Disturb and playing music.

· Optimised for iPadOS and macOS
Quickly start & control a session via the Sidebar, Menu Bar, or with Keyboard Shortcuts. Connect a Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse for a pleasant touch-less experience.

· More Best in Class platform features
Dynamic Type and VoiceOver accessibility support. Low Power Mode awareness.

**Focused Work Pro**
Focused Work is made by me, Michael! I believe that Focused Work's core features should be free for everyone to use, but if you want to support and help me work on the app full time, you can subscribe to Focused Work Pro to unlock these extra features.

· Toggl Integration
Log completed Focused Work, Break, and Planning stages with Toggl Track. Assign Projects, Tags, and create common presets.

· Session Alerts across all devices
Start a Focus Session on your Mac, receive alerts on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

· Productivity Export
Review completed sessions in a simple CSV format. Analyse breadcrumbs such as when sessions were started, completed, and other events including how often stages were paused, skipped, or restarted.

· Shortcut Triggers
Configure sessions to trigger shortcuts mid-session, such as when a session starts/finishes and when a stage starts/end.

· iCloud Syncing
Move between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Created sessions and productivity history are synced between devices with the same Apple ID.

· Dark Mode
A Pure Black in-app Dark Mode for working into the evening, and Completely Black widgets for dark Home Screens.

· App Icons
Pick a favourite icon to match your home screen. Twelve colours, Light & Dark variants.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at
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Michael Tigas
Hey, I’m Michael! 👋 I’ve created fun iOS and Android apps for the last six years, as a freelancer & consultant under my brand Hey, I Make Apps!, living in Melbourne, Australia. Since March 2020, I've been working on Focused Work, an app that helps you focus and structure your time. It has really helped me get more stuff done every day, since I began working from home. Check it out ✌️