ApiScout - Rest API Client
Developer Tools and Utilities
ApiScout is one and only HTTP Client tool you will need while building, testing and describing your APIs. It's built for developers by developers.
- Really fast
No waiting or restarting. No spinners. Blazingly fast on all Mac devices.
- Dynamic values
Use dynamic calculated values, values from previous responses, environment variables, computed hashes, etc. in every part of your requests.
- Chained requests
Run single requests or a group of chained requests at once. Just select a collection of requests you need to perform and hit the "Run" button.
- Environments
Use environments to group related sets of values together. It's very handy for switching user accounts, servers or anything else.
- Sessions
Visualize and modify stored cookies. Insert or import cookies. Enable or disable cookies.
- Light and dark modes
Are you more Sith or Jedi? Dark or light - your choice.
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