Rerere: Simple Checklist
Productivity and Travel
Rerere is a simple process-oriented checklist app that helps you ensure you don’t forget anything.


・Add Lists
Create a new list to organize items you want to check. A packing list is a good starting point.

・Check Items
Mark items as checked repeatedly, with a flag, sorting, multi-selection, and more.

・Keep Items up-to-date
Repeat Pending → In Progress → Done → Pending... and improve items continuously.

・iCloud Sync
It’s easy to keep all your lists in sync across your devices.

・No registration, no personal data
We care about your privacy seriously. Rerere requires no registration and no personal data.

Rerere is designed to be accessible to everyone, including those with special needs by providing built-in accessibility features.

・Importing & Exporting
Import and export all lists you enter in multiple ways, meaning that you can still make full use of the data as you want.
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Hiroki Nagasawa
Hi, I’m Hiroki Nagasawa, also known as @pixyzehn, and an iOS software engineer at Doist.