3Sub: Subscription Assistant
Finance, Utilities, and Productivity
A budget manager that keeps track of your recurring subscription payments. With a sleek and futuristic design, 3Sub aims to create a stress-free platform for our users to manage their subscriptions.

3Sub’s unique organisation system targets to raise the mindfulness of subscription habit whilst offering a peace of mind on expense management with our spending distribution analysis.

Upcoming development includes the expansion of subscription database, 3Sub Analytics on user’s subscription pattern and an info tab that shares subscriptions update and comparisons for our users to plan smarter ahead.

We’d love to hear from you! Test 3Sub app and we’ll welcome your feedback with a virtual coffee treat. ☕️

Our features:
1. Save The Hustle — Record your subscriptions with 3Sub’s predefined list of subscription plans.
2. Locate Your Subscriptions At Ease — Monitor your plans and spending statistics under 6 different categories.
3. Avoid Any Late Fee — 3Sub offers a unique deadline sorting logistic with the reminder system that gives you a heads-up with upcoming bills.
4. View Your Spending Pattern At A Glance — Our statistics keep tabs of your payment history, check your spending distribution in just a few clicks.
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Alex Cheung
Hi I am Alex from Hong Kong, being as an iOS developer for around 2.5 years ;)