Money - income & expense tracker
Finance and Utilities
Money is a basic expense tracker, focused on simplicity. Our mission is to help people be financially healthy.

Review your daily, weekly and monthly financial data and manage your assets. No online account required, just you and your phone!

We highly value privacy and we do not intend to store your data on any server, which is why we decided to use iCloud to store your data safely.

Key features which make expense tracking enjoyable and powerful:
• Intuitive and easy to use interface.
• Adding expenses is extremely fast, no burden.
• Mark your expenses using tags.
• Search you timeline effectively.
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Ricardo Pereira
Hello there! I'm from Lisbon (Portugal) and I'm into iOS since 2015. I work on several open source libraries and mobile apps like,, Mealcard and Money (the one I work on my spare time). Everyone should invest on their financial literacy and Money is one of the tools you should use to arise a better understanding of your daily spending... the key of personal finance. I also dedicate my spare time to patients with Primary Immunodeficiency. I'm the current president and CEO of I have a PID called Agammaglobulinemia/Bruton.