Sapient List
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Smart Grocery Shopping Management

Smart Data Structure enables effective grocery shopping management:

Items are the core of Sapient List.
Use Name and Remark to describe your Items, link them to
Shops & Aisles,
Storages & Shelves and
Categories & Subcategories.
Add a Barcode to quickly prepare for shopping by using your iPhone’s camera to scan the barcode of needed Items.
Add Images to facilitate Item identification in a shop.

Shops and Aisles
Link Items to Shops and Aisles: when shopping you will be shown only the relevant Items for the Shop and Aisle you are currently in.

Storage and Shelf
Link Items to a Storage and a Shelf: prepare your shopping list by checking what is missing in your panty, refrigerator, freezer etc.

Categories and Subcategories
Categories and Subcategories add flexibility and enable shopping planning based on the criteria relevant to you.

Available everywhere
An effective Shopping List must be available everywhere to allow setting Items as needed in the moment you realise you need them.

iCloud Sync
Automatically keep your Shopping Lists up to date on all your iOS devices.

iCloud Share
Share your Shopping Lists with family and friends.
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Michael Klug