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Individuality, expression, and personality are a core component of the human experience. Logically so, our mobile devices are an expression of who we are. That's why Themed was created: to allow people to find, discover, and create app icon themes that suit their personality.

Themed is one of a kind free market place that allows users to design, create, discover, and share app icon themes. Want your mobile device to embody a retro world — search for a theme. Want to experience nostalgia for the 2000s — search for a theme. Or just want to spice up your device — search for a theme. Are you an artist or a creator? Design a theme and share it with the world.

■ Discover Themes On The Home Screen
- View our curators' recent picks
- View an assortment of most popular themes
- View recently uploaded themes
■ Search For Themes Based on
- Theme name
- Theme Creator
- Theme type
■ Download Themes To Your Device
- Downloaded themes will appear in the Photos app
- Apply them with the shortcuts app
■ Create Themes And Share Them With The World
- Set your theme name and cover photo
- Add icons and their corresponding apps
- Share your theme with the world
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Zane Kleinberg
A 17 year old guy in NYC who loves building things.