Playpen - Keep Kids Busy
Entertainment and Photo & Video
Playpen is an app that helps keep kids entertained in line at the grocery store, on car rides, and more, by giving them access to safe activities on your iPhone.

Kids like watching videos, taking photos of themselves, and playing with iPhones and iPads but they shouldn't have unfettered access to all of your data and apps while they do it. Playpen gives them access to only activities that you pre-configure and uses Guided Access* mode to ensure they can't quit the app without you knowing.

Need to control which activity they're enjoying? Maybe your child is tired of watching Sesame Street and is ready to take some funny selfies! The Playpen Apple Watch app means you have easy and instant control over which activity they are doing, right from your wrist! Playpen can even automatically start activities when you enable Guided Access mode to make the process quick and easy.

Activities available to kids via Playpen include:

- Access to the selfie camera, but not your entire Photo Library
- Preconfigured YouTube videos but without access to the wider YouTube library of content
- The ability to view specific photo albums without the ability to edit them
- Need to list some more activities when we have them. How many in total?

Parents have been using Guided Access mode to prevent their kids from quitting apps for years, but one app can get boring. With Playpen, parents can configure a wide range of activities that ensure kids don't get bored no matter how long the line at the grocery store might be!

Giving kids complete control of the devices that run our lives can be risky and problematic, but limiting them to one activiity is a recipe for boredom. Use Playpen to keep them entertained with all of their favorite activities and keep your data safe at the same time.

*Guided Access is an iPhone feature that locks devices to a single app with a special sequence of button presses and a passcode required to unlock.
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