Productivity and Utilities
A simple iOS and WatchOS App to create flowing timers for sequential tasks.

You can create a timer that fires after 10 minutes on your phone, right? but, what if you could create another one that started right after the current timer and fired 20 minutes after that and another one that fires 5 minutes after that? and on on on…

Timewave allows you to do just that. With Timewave, you can create all kinds of workflows that involve sequential tasks.


- *Custom Workouts* - create your own workouts by chaining excercise and break durations. You can make Tabata/HIIT workouts and Yoga/Breathing/Meditation routines.

- *20-20-20 Rule* - create a timewave to follow the 20-20-20 rule (Every 20 minutes look at something 20 ft away for 20 seconds) while working with screens to prevent eye-strain.

- *Focus Timers* - create Pomodoro timers or any kind of Work-Break timeflows. You are not restricted to 25 minute session, you can create any sequence that suits your preferences.

- *Cooking* - ever had to keep resetting your timers after each whistle? well, now you wont have to. Just create a timewave for each recipe.

- *Anything and Everything Else* - that involve timed sequential tasks.


- *Audio Dictation* - Timewave will read out ‘what has to be done for how long’ in Play Mode, for eg: ”Breathe In For 4 Seconds” so you dont have to look at the screen.

- *Personalise your Timewave*- with a title, subtitle and icon and save on device for reuse at any time.

- *iCloud Sync* - all your timewaves are available on all your devices (iPhone, iPad and AppleWatch).

- *Black & White UI* - B&W is a lot of colours. If you are anything like us, you’ll love our ironically modern black and white UI.

- *Notifications* - Get encouraging reminders when each timer fires.

- *Personal touch* - hand-crafted Indie App.

Get your timers in line, get Timewave.
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