The Palette iOS
Developer Tools, Graphics & Design, and Utilities
This is the Palette App. An amazing offline tool for Developers and Graphic Designers alike. Want to get the details of a color? Want a gradient that matches your designs? We got it. From an extensive catalogue of 28,000+ unique colors to a list of vibrant gradients and palettes, you'll find everything you need in the Palette for 100% free all offline. But if you have a Pro Account, you can save your Favorite Colors and Gradients in the cloud and access them from any macOS or iOS device.

This is the Beta Version of the Palette App for macOS. And a beta is all about improvement.

As the Beta Progresses, new features will find their way into the app, whereas many things may leave the app forever.

As you test this app, you may find things which are not rendering properly or which may crash the app and many other problems. Should you find any issue with the app, I request you to be dead honest with me.

Your feedback will build the app. Nothing But Color!
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Fateh Alam
I love to code to design!