Attachment Reminder (Mac)
Utilities and Productivity
Ever forgotten to add a file attachment to an email? With Attachment Reminder which is integrated into the Apple Mail app, you never forget it again. When you send a mail, it will warn you to add attachments when it detects you wanted to add one but forgot.

Attachment Reminder never sends any information to any server. In fact, it even works completely offline. Whenever you are pressing the send button the mail gets analyzed using a neural network locally on your computer in a matter of milliseconds. If you have written about an attachment in the content of the mail but haven't attached anything, you get a warning before the mail is definitely sent. You can ignore the warning with one click or go back and fix the mistake.

The app can currently analyze content written in English and German. More languages are coming.

After downloading the app, follow the steps to activate it in Mail and you're good to go from now on.
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