McClockface is an app with a collection of fun clock widgets for your home screen.

Version 2 has been updated to target iOS 15.0+.

Here's what's new:

Added four new widgets: Simples, Analog Watch, Word Search, and just for you devs, Get Schwify. Please check the reliability of these and play with the color and time zone options on the widgets.

The "24-hour clock" setting has been removed and now the app adopts the iOS system setting for 12 vs 24 hour display.

Performance improvements, including use of the Canvas API for rendering custom views where appropriate. This should help reduce the frequency that widgets freeze on the home screen, in particular for the Futuristic Clock widgets.

Added haptics on clock flips when the sound option is switched on, and a ton of small improvements and iOS 15 API additions that are not really worth listing individually.
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