Email Zen - Sort your inbox
Business, Utilities, and Productivity
Declutter your inbox by swiping email cards.

⌛Save time. ✅ Stay organized. 🧘 Reduce Stress.

Stop wasting time in long lists. Email Zen shows emails as card stack. Swipe left to delete. Right to keep. Down to archive.

Email Zen is focus. No replying. No links. No attachments. Not more than a summary. It's just sorting. And then there's stats for a feedback loop.

So you know what to automate, unsubscribe. Slow down from exponential email growth to a healthy amount.

Oh and it's privacy-friendly & secure. No 3rd party servers. Just your device and the servers of your email provider. The open source MailCore SDK (used by iOS apps like Spark) does the work behind the scenes.

Works with all IMAP email providers. Gmail and two factor protected accounts need an app specific password.

Syncs over iCloud. iPad and iPhone support. MacOS is in the works.

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Kai Oelfke
I am a developer, maker, traveler and volunteer. I'm into technology, entrepreneurship, stoicism, minimalism, fasting, sports, couchsurfing and I love challenging the limitations I encounter. German native, I currently live in Berlin.