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Control your screen time, use distracting apps consciously and take breaks to focus or enjoy the moment. Jomo uses science-backed methods so you can hack back your smartphone in a few simple steps.

In a world where attention and time are scarce resources, Jomo helps you reclaim both, make space for what’s truly important and live the life you really want.

Set up a system with long-lasting benefits:
- Save 30+ hours each month for things that truly matter to you
- Cut your number of phone pick-ups by half
- Reclaim hours of distraction-free time to focus or be fully present with your friends and family


Screen Time Budget
- Set a daily screen time budget and start valuing your time again
- Track your screen time left directly from your home screen with our widgets
- View phone activations, skip some if needed

- Disconnect apps on schedule to reconnect with yourself, enjoy a moment with your loved ones or be 100% focused on the task at hand
- Quick start sessions similar to Focus modes on iOS 15
- Organize your days by setting recurring sessions based on your routine (work, sleep, etc.)

- Use distracting apps more consciously
- Lock an app by default and force yourself to write a reason and set a timer to use it
- Reduce compulsive use, say goodbye to doomscrolling and spend your time wisely

- Track your progress and achievements
- Get a comprehensive overview of your digital health
- Keep your screen time goal streak alive and show your phone who’s the boss


To track your screen time and block apps, Jomo uses the secured VPN technology provided by Apple. Our VPN is 100% local which means everything happens on your phone (your traffic is never forwarded to our servers). Finally, Jomo has no access to your private data (messages, content viewed, etc.).
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Jomo Team
We are Laureline, Thomas and Eliott, the 3 co-founders behind Jomo. Our mission is to help people throughout the world build better digital habits so that they can be productive, mindful and happy 💜