IQOS Control
Utilities and Health & Fitness
IQOS Control is a useful tool to control your smoking habit.
With IQOS Control you don't have to do anything to know exactly how much you smoke. Just connect your device and keep the app always in the background.

With an elegant design and a clear interface you will be able to visualize between days, months and years how much you smoke. There is no better way to control your smoking habit and improve your health.

For a correct operation of the App, it must always be running in the foreground or background.

**Main Features**

• Record every Stick you smoke automatically.
• Custom Smoke target.
• Custom price for your Heets or Tereas.
• New Lockscreen widgets.
• Custom devices colors.
• Nice statistics views form moth & year.
• Notifications when your device is disconnected.
• Notifications when your device need to be charged.
• Live interactions when you smoke, stored or charge your device.
• IQOS ILUMA Support.

Thanks you for use IQOS Control and stay tuned for new updates!
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