Education and Productivity
SuperHomework automatically organizes your homework. Know when your teachers post new assignments with notifications. Sign in with sites like Google Classroom and sync everything in one place. You'll never need an agenda book again.

How does it work?
SuperHomework checks all your teachers' sites so you don't have to. When your teacher posts an assignment, you get a notification and it appears in your agenda. You can also create your own assignments and set reminders for them.

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SuperHomework is designed and developed by Wilson Gramer, a fellow student :)
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Wilson Gramer
I’m a student developer who is passionate about learning and creating new things. Currently working at Make Directory. My latest projects: SuperHomework: Automatically organize your homework — just sign in with your school accounts and SuperHomework automatically fetches the latest assignments for you. With reminder notifications and widgets, you’ll never forget your homework again. Written in SwiftUI and Go. ( RetailBox: Home to over 130 high-quality screen savers from places around the world. Use RetailBox to showcase your device for content creation, in stores and more. New videos are added every month. Written in UIKit, SwiftUI, Node.js and Go. ( Wipple: Dynamic, interpreted, functional programming language inspired by Lisp and Ruby. Wipple is natural to read, write and learn. It treats code as data, supports macros and operators, has a trait-based dynamic type system, and uses a decentralized package manager. I’m building Wipple to learn how programming languages work. Written in Rust, TypeScript and Wipple itself. ( Robotics: I’m a programmer on our high school robotics team, which participates in Botball every year. I built Botball for Python, a Python library that makes it faster and easier to develop for the robots. (