Then - Mindful Time Tracker
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Understand how you spend your time and how things you do make you feel.

Then takes a different approach to time tracking by encouraging you to consider your time in context of your emotions. This way, even small effort can bring you valuable insights.

With Then it would take you seconds to start tracking what you do, how much time it takes and how it makes you feel. You can focus on just one activity, like time spent working, or record everything you do during the day. Coupled with widget and gentle reminders you won't notice how it becomes a daily habit.

Detailed insights will help you identify patterns and get a breakdown of positive and negative influences in your daily life. If you want to dig even deeper, you can export your data anytime to analyze it yourself. No one else can access it though—it's safely kept on your device and in your iCloud, and can be protected with a passcode.


• Track your activities and emotions
See what you do every day and how it makes you feel.

• Find patterns in your daily activities
Understand when, for how long and how often you do certain activities.

• Understand positive and negative influences in your life
See how things you do affect your emotions.

• Log effortlessly
It takes seconds to track new activity with simple design and smart defaults.

• Focus on what matters
Whether you want to track a few core activities like work and sleep, or be really specific and record every task during your workday, Then is flexible enough to support it.

• Get gently reminders
Then would help you track your activities and record your emotions with timely reminders.

• See your current activity in a widget
Then is always at hand, when you need it.

• Keep it private
All your data is safely kept on your device, and if you choose to, in your iCloud. You can even protect it with a passcode.

• Export data
Get a CSV export to analyze your data yourself.
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