SplitBill – Split from image
Finance and Productivity
Use a picture of a receipt and split the expenses!


• Mark & sum up numbers
With an active card at the bottom, tap on any number on the image. The number will be marked on the image and added to the card.

• Custom cards
Sum up numbers under customisable cards. A card can be anything, such as people or budget categories.

• Distinguish expenses
See which expenses already belong to another card and which ones are summed up under the current one.

• Total amount
See the total amount of all cards or mark the total amount on the image and automatically calculate the remainder.

• Add or correct numbers
Add new numbers that aren't highlighted by double tapping on them. If a number is recognised, but the amount is wrong simply open up the card by tapping on it, tap on the value and enter the correct value.


• Undo/Redo
• Numbers are automatically sorted based on the image
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