Developer Tools
Egern is an advanced networking tool. It can be used to proxy, intercept, and modify network traffic.

· Record tcp, udp, dns and http traffic.
· Support rules: domain, domain_keywork, domain_suffix, domain_regex, geoip, ip_cidr, ip_cidr6, url_regex, rule_set and default.
· Support policy gorup: select, auto_test, fallback, loadbalance and external.
· Support proxy: http, socks5, shadowsocks and trojan.
· Decrypt HTTPS traffic with Man-in-the-Middle.
· Url rewrite.
· Header rewrite.
· Body rewrite.
· Support for manipulating requests and responses using Javascript.
· Support local http proxy server and local socks5 proxy server.
· Sync configuration cross devices with iCloud.

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